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October 28, 2011
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Theo-086 - Halo Wars Era by Theo-Kyp-Serenno Theo-086 - Halo Wars Era by Theo-Kyp-Serenno
I may take this down and update it later with a background but I wanted to upload something and I currently have been working on this for my YouTube Channel Layout.

I never played Halo Wars expect for the demo at Wal-mart and I never liked it that much, only think I really like is the short videos that are in the game. Seeing each Spartan in their have different Attachments reminds me of Halo Reach, which by the way I believe Halo Wars has the fall of Reach battle within it somewhere I don't know though. Anyway It made me think what my Theo-086 OC Spartan would look like in that time era so I came to create this. Used some Parts from Vanity and screenshots I took from x box live such as the Security Shoulder, The 8 Gauge Shotgun Shells from the Breacher Chest and my emblem which is a Wolf. I think It came out pretty badass consider the original image was pretty dark and I had to make changes to it with color change from dark green...umm Sage green i mean to Steel. It was a bit of a pain, finally realized how easy it was using layer effects with Overlay effect. :D

By The way, Some of you know and some of you don't know. Theo-086 has a right mechanical arm, you can see it here: [link] . Anyway, Here you see no Mechanical Arm visible, I thought of hiding it as the years pass and New MJOLNIR armor keeps getting developed/updated with newer versions so I thought his mechanical Arm would be covered up by armor. Now It's pretty simple, The mechanical arm is like a skeleton structure as its skinner then the left arm, so the armor covers the mechanical arm as if its an arm, and what surrounds the mechanical arm inside of the armor is installation, that acts like muscles, it flexes, stretches, tenses up, pretty much looks and feel and acts like real muscle but is made out of bio material. Pretty Neat right?

Update: Made Visor more gold-ish, and lightened up the gloves to show more detail that was lost when I did the overlay layer effect and the same for the Battle Rifle, and added a shadow under the Security Shoulder upon the arm.

Anyway Enjoy!

Program used: GIMP 2.6.11
Time Spent: approximately 48 mins
Layers Used: 12


Halo Wars, Halo, Halo Reach, Spartans, or anything else related to Halo is by Bungie, 343 Industries and Microsoft

Theo-086 is by =Theo-Kyp-Serenno

I OWN NOTHING but my OC Theo-086 and this creation of fan art photo manipulation
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senneubert Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
What Armor is Theo-086 wearing?
Theo-Kyp-Serenno Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I modified it. But it was Mark VI I believe.
Zemium Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Brilliant :D
NICEGUYDOC Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
nice custom work mate
Theo-Kyp-Serenno Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
TwiixKiinder Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
CastleCrashersFTW Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
i dont always shit my pants after seeing an amazing drawing but when i do , i prefer this one.
Onyx2589 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
Theo-Kyp-Serenno Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAHA thanks Castle
CastleCrashersFTW Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
your definately wecome!
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